At home with artist Jasmine Mansbridge

Jasmine Mansbridge’s home is exactly how I’d imagine an artist’s home to be: colourful, eclectic and a little bit whimsical. And of course, there’s plenty going on on the walls.

Jasmine Mansbridge main bedroom

Jasmine and her family have lived in this 1930s weatherboard in Hamilton, a three-hour drive from Melbourne, for four months. “We rented for almost two years and were wondering if we would ever find a home which suited us when we found this baby,” she says. “It was lovingly extended from the original two bedrooms by the previous owners and they used reclaimed floorboards, dado rail, doors and other pieces to keep the house true to its original form. This sympathetic renovation is one of the things we love about it. It now has five separate rooms (one being my studio) and the layout works perfectly for our family.” With 4 children, it’s a busy home!

Lorna Napurula fencer painting & older works by Jasmine Mansbridge

“I have spent so much of my life moving around, so much so that everything that has stayed with me on the journey so far has had to have had a certain significance,” says Jasmine. “All the items around my home have stories and this is important to me. I am sentimental about the past and the importance of things to evoke the memories of places important to me, but gone in the physical sense. I do think if you are an artist there is a presumption that you will have good taste, but taste and creativity surely are two very different things.”

She gets asked all the time of course, how to choose art for your home.”My advice isn’t new. Choose art work you love, work that speaks to you, that you can relate to. Not fashionable art for art’s sake you think you should buy. Buy as well and as big as you can afford to. A quality painting will outlast lounges, carpets, almost everything else in your house. I can still visualise paintings which hung in my grandparents’ houses, and I haven’t seen them (the paintings) for years. The art you choose will be part of your own family’s visual history, items to pass down with pride. Prints have their place, but, nothing beats an original piece of art, painted with love by an artist who felt something, had something to say.”

Jasmine's grandmother's old art cases are treasured possessions

Jasmine’s grandmother’s old art cases are treasured possessions

Jasmine finds comfort in her family’s comfort and her own style or organisation. “The layout and design of a home can make or break the routine of a big family. We have teenagers and a teenage bathroom in one end of the house and the little guys and us up at the opposite end. This is an example of design that makes life easier, on the big scale. Happiness is harmony in our home.”

Jasmine Mansbridge living room 1

Apart from the beautiful renovation and extension of the house, Jasmine and her family fell in love with the little things, like the old claw foot bath, from the original bathroom, restored and used again in the new bathroom, the pressed tin ceilings and the open plan lounge and dining area.

“We also love the location, it is doors down from the beautiful Botanical Gardens, one of the oldest in Australia. We are also crazy lucky to live very close to the town centre, and aside from all this the house is on a half-acre block with fruit trees, a water tank and a huge old Oak tree. This is what you can get if you go live in the country: space!”

Jasmine Mansbridge dining

The former owners poured alot of love into the house, which Jasmine feels she and her family are now benefiting from. “The only changes we have made have been to paint the interior living and my studio in a chalk white and take down all the fancy curtains, just leaving the simple blinds.”

Working from home is a must for Jasmine. “I have always painted from home as I can stop/start whenever I need to. I get a lot done this way. I also like the family to feel that I am accessible and that they can come speak to me whenever they want. I try to not being too precious with my space and the little ones will come draw and craft in there with me and the girls will watch a movie or chat in the evening. I love that I can step out of the “real” world at any time and immediately access that creativity, it’s as though it just waits for me to come back.”

Jasmine Mansbridge

Jasmine is currently putting all her efforts into work for her next show in New York. “I am exhibiting in the SOLO section of Art Expo New York in March, the world’s largest fine arts trade show. I am excited about the doors which are already opening as a result. It is a long way from my years spent growing up in Katherine in the Northern Territory. I have been painting since I was 17 and it has been step after step of opportunities which have led to my invitation to exhibit in New York.”

Jasmine Mansbridge painting

She has painted many houses for this show, something she did a lot when she was younger. “The sense of belonging has become increasingly important for me in the last few years and I have been using the houses as metaphors for the human experience, be it mine or people whose experiences have impacted on me. The idea of home and belonging is so intrinsic to our wellbeing and when large scale disasters and tragedies happen they truly affect me, like Sandy in the US or the recent floods closer to home.

“Our homes are our sanctuaries, yet they are still so vulnerable, as are people. Life is fragile and beautiful, and yet this is something we so easily forget. In my work I like the juxtaposition of homes on cliffs, or ravines, or alternatively tucked in safe precious places. I want people to remember what is real in life. I also want to present an Australian aesthetic in my work and love the beautiful colour and sharpness of this country.”

Jasmine has kindly offered to give away this print, called There’s No Place Like Home, to one lucky reader. To be in with a chance of winning, just comment on this post by the end of the week.

no place like home

See more of Jasmine’s work at her website.

Photography by Danielle Thomas.


  1. Toni Tapp Coutts says

    Following your journey and success Jasmine. You deserve it. See the girls when they come home. Hope New York is awesome for you! Love your house! I have photos of your first exhibition in kath Town somewhere. What year was that? Xxxx to you and yours . Toni

    • says

      Thank you Toni, the exhibition was at in the June Tapp Artspace, back in 2004.. was as excited then as I am now about NY.. It was all the wonderful feedback & support that encouraged me to keep painting.. {thank you}!

  2. Kim Bohl says

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful girl living a beautiful life! I think I should hurry up and buy one of your paintings before NY!

  3. Tania Vickers says

    What a wonderful article on such a talented woman!! So lovely to bring us into the life of an Artist,, Mother and Wife all the best to Jasmine on a successful exhibition in New York…

  4. Joy Mann says

    I really enjoyed reading your article, Jen. Jasmine is certainly a very talented and creative lady. This is reflected in her beautiful home and paintings. Good luck in New York, Jasmin!!

  5. julianna garrard says

    no one will ever know how truly humble & how absolutely amazing you are Jasmine! If they knew even half of the tragedy & triumph that is your life they would give you a medal :) New York is going to be totally fabulous!!

  6. georgia goring says

    One of your best stories ever Jen. I love jasmine’s work and so so enjoying following her NYC preparation on instagram. Her ability to combine motherhood and produce such gorgeous work is really inspiring to me, and I’m sure many others too. Such a lovely lady xxx

  7. says

    I love how cheerful this home is. I also appreciate that Jasmine points out that when you are purcahsing art, only you have to love it. It does not have to be fashionable, just something you can love everyday. Great Home! Enjoyed reading.

  8. Nicki Lever says

    Absolutely fell in love with the piece she is working on in one of the pics – beautiful colours. The sentiment “There is no place like home” has never been more true to me than right now. How lucky we are.

  9. Jacqueline Sarny says

    What a beautiful story about such a humble talented artist!
    Thank you for sharing your story Jasmine. Your house is so amazing and your work is beautiful.

  10. Seanna Darcy says

    Such an enjoy read! The photos were gorgeous and everything in her house looks alive with colour, I wish her all the best in her up coming adventure to NYC.

  11. says

    I have to say a big thank you to Jen for having me on the blog and to my photographer Danielle Thomas for her fine images, to my friend Sarah Hope thank you for your help in “vignetting” my stuff (I do hope thats a word). While I am thanking people I do have to say a big (massive) thanks to my husband Shaun for letting me be me and my children (my greatest achievements by far) for being super helpful and getting involved in all my adventures, AND last, but not least, thank you to everyone who read this post and to those of you who commented so thoughtfully, your words have added to my overwhelming sense of gratitude I have for all the wonderful goodness in my life. To everyone who has supported me in the many ways I have needed it lately-Thank you it truly means alot..

  12. Glynda Joy says

    Jasminem, my beautiful, so talented, wonderful daughter. You have no idea how enormously proud I am of you, and how happy I am that the world can see the beauty of spirit that comes from your heart to your canvas. I love seeing all the precious, sentimental items in your new home. I love your focus on “home”. I don’t know if you know, but all the times we moved when you were growing up, it was so important to me to take as much familiarity to the new house in the form of the special pieces of furniture, paintings, and sentimental items.
    Jen, thanks for the beautiful article.
    Jasmine, I have now been living away from my home, in a caravan, only getting home on days off, so “No place like home” is very poignant to me. Last time I went home, I was having a shower, and I suddenly realised that all the stuff in the shower was mine, and I didn’t have to pack it and take it with me…. .and yet… .I am at home in my little caravan, with my favourite blankets, my guitar, violiin, flute, and boxing gloves. I am sitting here in my van right now with flooding rain thundering down on the roof. It is amazing the human’s capacity to make home where one finds oneself.
    Love you so much Jasmine. I am so happy I bought so many of your early paintings, and have them on my wall at home. The ones you have done for New York… I would buy every one if I could . They are just magic. All the best with NY.

  13. Vick says

    Absolutely beautiful Jas! You have created your own legacy in that home, it gives me goosebumps to read this article. You are an amazing Mum, wife and artist…in that order!

  14. says

    A very special girl popped into my fledgling little gallery one day, when I wasn’t expecting very much. I think it was probably pouring with rain and grey outside. Dull. When Jasmine showed me some digital pics of her work- I couldn’t contain my excitement. Colour, form, composition…….and unique storytelling……..Ahhh!!! Jas exhibited her paintings in my little gallery, Hope and Co some months later – and I was extraordinarily proud – her work is truly inspiring. Out of this exhibition, a friendship was also born and I am so glad I have already purchased a Jasmine Mansbridge before she heads to NY because I don’t think I’ll be able to afford one after!! (Loved doing the little bit of styling for you and the very talented Danielle, for this interview – very honoured to be asked!) You deserve every success. The world is your oyster, Jas! x Sarah

  15. says

    What a fantastic article about a fantastic person. I have known you since you were seventeen and with all that life has thrown at you, you have always stayed true to yourself. Your telant is truly amazing, be it in your art or your song writing/singing. These things I know have help you through some dire times and look at you now!! My heat was filled with joy and happiness when we were able to visit you agian in your beuatiful house in Hamilton, which just exudes love and happy times with the chatter of little people and the whirl and burl of teenage energy and your beautiful art on the walls. You are wished nothing but the best the world has to offer from two people whose lives you have brought nothing but love, happiness and fond memories. Love you heaps.

  16. kirsty bartlett says

    so lovely to see you in your home, and your beautiful paintings! Petrina keeps me up to date with what you are up to. I saw the girls last time they were up! Wow! New York, man!!! Hope its a blast! xxxx Kirsty